The Copy Team.

Collaborative copy-editing and translation co-op.

Communication is a team sport.

We do things differently at
The Copy Team.

Our wordsmiths copy-edit and translate in groups, each taking turns perfecting every sentence.

The end result? The best possible version of your text.

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The Copy Team is run as a co-operative.

How does this benefit you as a client? First of all, our services are competitively priced because we've cut out the middleman. And because the members themselves decide who should join the Copy Team, only the best editors and translators are invited: a win/win situation for our co-op and our clients.

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Working with the Copy Team is simple:

1. Send your text

Upload your draft (under a strict non-disclosure agreement), view an estimated cost right away and agree on a deadline.

2. Choose your team

Pick the editors you want working on your document (minimum of two people) according to their specialty, e.g., academic, technical.

3. Wordsmiths do their magic

The editors will work in teams to review your text sentence by sentence and make all the necessary changes (spelling, grammar, fact and citation checking, as well as rewriting text to make it more intelligible).

4. Receive your document

A member of each team will be your dedicated contact person throughout the process. They will review all of the changes proposed by the group, request clarifications, compose the final text and send you the finished version on time.

Want to join the team?

Every new member must be vetted by at least three other existing members before they join. This is to ensure the highest-quality service to protect the reputation of our team and increase the number of repeat clients.

The minimum requirements for copy-editors and translators wanting to join The Copy Team are: (1) be a native-level speaker in the language(s) they'll be editing/translating, (2) possess two years’ verifiable experience in the field, and (3) be able to produce four examples of their work.

If you would like to join the team, get in touch.

Some of our Copy Team members:

Academic Editor


Ed is an academic editor and one of the founding members of the Copy Team. She has a PhD from UCL in comparative education, worked as an assistant editor at an academic journal (IJNE), and has written countless essays, academic papers and textbooks. She's also a Spanish to English translator.


Jeanne is an editor and author. She's written the books The Dream of Doctor Bantam (a Lambda Literary Award finalist) and The Black Emerald. She's also a publisher with small press Instar Books. Her fiction has appeared in WIRED, n+1, The Evergreen Review, WSQ, and more. She is an instructor at the Sackett Street Writers Workshop in Brooklyn and has been freelance editing since 2010.


Dylan is a technical editor and writer with a strong focus on decentralization. He specialises in bridging the language gap between the extremely technical and the extremely non-technical. This includes topics covering: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, Machine Learning, Futurism, and the Singularity.


Roz is a technical editor and writer. With a master's degree in publishing, Roz has written for magazines and her fiction has been shortlisted to be adapted for film. She has seven years’ experience in legal publications, and has also worked in Japan as a Cambridge-qualified English language teacher.


Shardae is an editor and writer. She worked as a secondary school English teacher (Language and Literature) for seven years before re-focusing on a career in writing. She is working on a short story collection, and writes on several blogs.
Technical Editor


Jon is a technical editor and French to English translator. He's also a programmer and one of the founding members of The Copy Team.


Steve is a Spanish to English translator and interpreter. He has translated three books by the Indiano community, another on the recovered businesses of Buenos Aires, and a book about the thought of Arizmendiarrieta, the inspiration for the Mondragón cooperatives in the Basque Country.

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