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5 tips to stop procrastinating and write your essay

You’ve got an essay due and your executive function skills leave much to be desired. Follow these tips to curb your procrastination: 1. Block social media. Use apps like StayFocusd on Chrome which give you a short amount of time each day to browse FB/Twitter, and then shut you out for the rest of the day. …

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How to do a literature review using Google Scholar

literature review at home google scholar

You can complete your entire literature review in your jimjams at home and it’ll still be better than one painstakingly compiled in the library with physical books and journals. Follow these steps to writing an amazing literature review using Google Scholar: 1. Make a list of keywords. Good keywords make for good literature reviews. Go …

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5 tips for international students writing academic essays in English

International student essay writing

As an international student are you worried that your English writing skills aren’t good enough? Fret not! Read these five tips that will help you write an amazing essay: 1: Most native speakers are terrible writers. Don’t worry too much about the quality of your writing simply because English is your second language. The truth …